Golden Gate Project.

Willett Falls,
New Brunswick

The Golden Gate Project is a premium gold property located at Willett Falls just west of Bathurst, New Brunswick acquired from the legendary prospector Claude Willett’s family estate.

The Golden Gate Project is in Gloucester County about 11 km NW of the world-renowned mining center of Bathurst, New Brunswick. Access to the Golden Gate Gold Project is very easy via paved road off Highway #11. Likewise, access to the historic work undertaken on the project is in close proximity, within 1 km north of the main access road.

The Golden Gate Gold Project exemplifies Deeprock’s criteria for ideal gold exploration / development opportunities in eastern Canada. The project is comprised of three exploration blocks comprising 13 claim units totaling 270 ha. (668.11 acres).

Autumn 2002, the project underwent a program of exploration and development consisting of the establishment of a grid of cut lines, prospecting, soil geochemical surveys, as well as lithogeochemical and geophysical surveys (Mag and VLF). This work was a success, thanks to the discovery of the mineralized erratic blocks (12% Zn, 4.03% Pb, 0.07% Cu, 280 g/T Ag and 1.18 g/T Au) and of gold anomalies in soil (up to 100 ppb Au). A trenching program executed during autumn, 2003 exposed brecciated rocks containing sulphides and containing up to 8 g/T Au, in association with altered mafic volcanic rocks of the Little River Formation.

In 2004, the property was optioned by Acadian Gold Corporation which carried out additional trenching, executed Mag, VLF and P.P. surveys and undertook some drilling for a total length of 635 m (11 holes). The trenches revealed the presence of an altered, silicified, carbonatized (Fe-Carbonate) mafic volcanic lava flows, brecciated and sulphurized. Sulphides (mainly Py and Arsenopyrite) are visible in dissemination or concentration in veins and veinlets in filling of fractures.

In 2004-2005, a second drill program of 8 shallow holes totalling 579.80 m was executed in the same area. The zone bounded by the drilling holes and trenches measures approximately 100 m in length by 30 m in width. The drilling intercepted sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Gold is present in zones rich in Py-Asp. The best intersections obtained are 0.41 g/T In on 52.5 m, 1.52 g/T Au over 13.6 m and 2.54 g/T Au over 0.60 m. An alteration in hematite is strongly associated with the mineralization. Grab Samples of hematized rock taken in the trenches returned up to 27.10 g/T Au.

October 2012, the current owners of the Golden Gate Project undertook a program of line cutting followed by a Mag-VLF survey. The grid is situated in the central part of the claims, west of the erratic blocks of “Bathurst” type VMS Mineralization.

Project Reports

September 25, 2019 – Golden Gate Project Technical Report – view